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Fish spawning pond (“Vispaaiplaats”)

Degree of synergistic effects and conflicts according to uses

It was difficult to find a good location for the new fish spawning pond in the highly industrialised area. A suitable location was found by the Antwerp Port Authority nearby the Tijsmanstunnel and the Lillobrug, at the Western side of the Kanaaldok B2. At this location, no large scale harbour activities were possible so that the new pond did not disturb the economic functioning of the harbour. In addition, this location was not used before, while it now has an ecological purpose.
The construction of the pond needed to agree with present piers and underground electricity pipes. Some minor conflicts with shipping/industry had to be solved because other activities and developments nearby the pond need to agree with the presence and function of the pond. For instance a waste collection site for individual shippers is installed on the same spot. To create a win-win, the construction of the waste collection site is designed in such a way that structures of the dock-shore are more nature-friendly, by the application of a diversity of surface structures and constructions (hiding places).

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