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Ketenisse wetland - small scale tidal wetland restoration in the brackish part of the estuary

Degree of synergistic effects and conflicts according to uses

Ketenisse is a nice example to combine nature development and the creation of recreation possibilities. The governmental department for nature in Flanders considers the creation of stairs over the dike for watching birds behind a transparent wall, combined with information panels. Ketenisse is also favorable for cyclers with a nice cycle pad along the flowery Scheldt dike. On the north side (in the direction of Liefkenshoek, along sections LHT and ABC) this cycle pad is however not finished. At the downstream part (Fort Liefkenshoek) there is a tower with a nice view and a pub. This cycle route is also planned to be integrated in the Ecological InfraStructure cycle route (EIS-cycle rout) in the harbor area. The initiative to open the local service road is linked to the project ‘the Antwerp harbor more environmental friendly’. However, some actors are not in favor to open this road for cyclers because that would disturb the resting and foraging birds on the small mudflat area.
The polder can be visited during educative excursions (eg. bird watching day) by the environmental association (Natuurpunt-WAL).

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