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Settlement of reed at the harbor location ‘Haken’

Degree of synergistic effects and conflicts according the uses

The compensation for the loss of reed beds in ‘Blumensandhafen’ is conducted by stabilizing a very fluid mudflat, located at the ‘Haken’. The establishment of reed should also have a favorable impact on the adjacent mudflats that are in the same unfavorable status as the mudflat described above. The reed, once it is established, can spread, colonize and stabilize the remaining mudflats. The citizens of ‘Hamburg – Rothenburgsort’ quote that at this place a shallow water area was already created in 1995. Therefore they did not agree on the implementation of the measure because an existing natural area was replaced by another. However, as earlier mentioned, the competent authority (BSU) considered the existing area as a mudflat in bad condition, which should be improved.

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