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Underwater relocation area Medemrinne Ost

Effectiveness according to development targets of measure

Definition of development targets:
The development targets/functions are:
  • Minimizing the effects of the fairway deepening, such as the increase of the tidal energy, tidal range, tidal pumping which will result in a reduction of the residual upstream sediment transport.
  • Mitigation of unfavorable morphological trends taking place in the mouth of the Elbe estuary such as the long term loss of sediment in the mouth of the Elbe estuary. This phenomenon, caused by the hydrodynamic conditions, is observed since a couple of years, irrespectively of the planned deepening of the fairway.
Achievement of development targets
The measure “Underwater relocation area Medemrinne Ost” has not been implemented so far. Numeric modeling of hydraulic parameters was used to predict whether the target can be met, however it is still unclear to which extent.

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