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Compensation channel Hahnöfer Nebenelbe


The purpose of the measure was to compensate for losses of shallow water areas that occurred in relation to the deepening of the fairway in 1999. The long-term conservation and establishment of shallow water areas and mudflats should be implemented by creating a flow-through channel from the anabranch ‘Hahnöfer Nebenelbe’ into the bay ‘Mühlenberger Loch’. The channel of approx. 7 km length starting at ‘Hafen Hahnöfer Sand’ and ending in the west of the ‘Neß-Leitdamm’ should increase the flow-through of the anabranch. Furthermore the area should be stabilized and further sedimentation and potential separation of the ‘Mühlenberger Loch’ should be prevented. The whole area is of great importance for several ecological functions. It is very valuable for the oxygen budget of the Elbe estuary, serves as a spawning area for fish and creates tidal volume. A stable tidal creek system should therefore be established.

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