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Current direction control at Bunthaus

Impact on ecosystem services

  • From the ES assessment it is concluded that this measure generates overall a slightly positive expected impact for several ES, mainly for:
    • “biodiversity”
    • Cultural services
    • Some regulating services: Erosion and sedimentation regulation (by water bodies); Water quality regulation: transport of polutants and excess nutrients; Water quantity regulation: transportation
    • Some provisioning services: Water for industrial use; Water for navigation
  • The expected impact for the development target (“Water for navigation”) is slightly positive.
  • The expected impact for the different beneficiary groups is limited, with a slightly positive expected impact for indirect and future use and for local and region use.

The screening of the ecosystem services (ESS) that were effected by the measure `Current direction control` showed no clear results. Some ESS will be influenced positively, and also the targeted ESS will slightly be effected. This outcome made clear that the screening of the effects on the ESS is not applicable on every type of measure executed in the TIDE project

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