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TIDE pilot project 2: Navigation channel near Ketelplaat – Relocation of dredged sediment to deep areas of the navigation channel

Description of measure

  • Measure Category: Hydrology/Morphology
  • Estuary: Scheldt
  • Salinity zone: Mesohaline
  • Pressure: Gross change in morphology and hydrographic regime
  • Status: Implemented (in 2010)
  • River km: TIDE-km 92
  • Country: Belgium
  • Specific location: Sea Scheldt, North of Antwerp city (near Liefkenshoektunnel), two disposal areas in the navigation channel between ‘Sill Lillo’ and ‘Sill Parel’
  • Responsible authority: Department of Mobility and Public Works (MOW), Maritime Access Division
  • Costs: 115,000 €
  • Cost category: 50,000 – 250,000 €

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