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Sediment-Trap near Wedel

Degree of synergistic effects and conflicts according NATURA 2000 aims

Table 3: Effect of the measure concerning the main conservation objectives in the operational area 3
Operational area (zone) Natura 2000 conservation objectives Effect of Measure on conservation objectives Description
3   Positive No effect Negative  
3 Improvement of the hydro morphological habitat conditions of the habitat type Estuaries, if possible conservation and improvement of estuary typical dynamics +      
3 Conservation and development of tidal reeds, hydrophilous tall herb fringe communities (6430) and floodplain/alluvial forest (*91E0) esp. on islands.   +    
3 Conservation, reestablishment and development of meadows with vegetation typical for the Elbe region, like lowland hay meadows (6510) with respect to their avifaunistical function.   +    
3 Conservation and partly reestablishment of the primarily ‘Elbe Water Dropwort’ (Oenanthe conioides) populations with typical dynamics, esp. on the island of Neßsand and Hanskalbsand, as well as Hahnöfersand, development of additional habitats for the improvement of the habitat network.   +    
3 Conservation and reestablishment of the outstanding relevance of the functional zone for the reproduction of the twaite shad.   ? ?  
3 Conservation, partly reestablishment and development of the brooding function esp. for the species on extensive used meadows, large-scale reeds and grassland-ditch complexes of the marshes and the associated habitats.   +    
3 Conservation and development of the resting function esp. for nordic goose and swans, as well as for waders (Limicoles) on the widespread, low disturbed grasslands.   +    
3 Conservation of the resting ducks, gulls and sea swallows   +    

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