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Interestuarine comparison: Hydro-geomorphology

1. Introduction

Within the scope of the European project (INTERREG IVb) TIDE (Tidal River Development) an interestuarine comparison of the 4 partner estuaries (Elbe, Weser, Scheldt and Humber) takes place. This comparison will be made for hydrodynamics, geomorphology, ecology, birds, monitoring and historical changes.
This report describes the results of the hydro- and geomorphological comparison of the 4 estuaries. The comparison is executed based on the 5 research topics formulated in the note of Ides et al. (2011) (see also §3). Increasing our knowledge on the hydrology and geomorphology, together with other estuary functions (historical changes, ecology, monitoring), will lead to increased estuarine knowledge. A better understanding of these estuarine functions will result in recommendations for integrated management strategy. These recommendations can be considered as one of the main objectives of the TIDE project.

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