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Lippenbroek: Flood Control Area with Controlled Reduced Tide (FCA-CRT)

Degree of synergistic effects and conflicts according to Natura 2000 aims

The construction of a FCA-CRT is an important mechanisms to contribute to the restoration (and creation) of freshwater tidal wetlands. Also, several rare and endangered bird species are regularly foraging in the Lippenbroek CRT.

CO Details Effect? Description
- - - 0 + ++
HD: Scheldt- and Durme-estuary from the Dutch boarder to Ghent (BE2300006) Tidal freshwater wetland         X Newly created freshwater tidal wetland in the protected area BE2300006, and quality improvement for this type of habitat.
BD: Durme and the mid streams from the Scheldt (BE2301235) Birds         X In total, 98 species were inventoried, of which 30% aquatic bentivores (19 species), 54% wetland generalists (11 species), 8% terrestrial species (18 species) and 8% forest species (13 species).

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