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Realignment Wrauster Bogen

Degree of synergistic effects and conflicts according NATURA 2000 aims

Table 3: Effect of the measure concerning the main conservation objectives in the operational area 1
Operational area (zone) Natura 2000 conservation objectives Effect of Measure on conservation objectives Description
    Positive No effect Negative  
1 Prevention of further increase and/or reduction of tidal range (energy) +      
1 Conservation and development of primarily floodplain/alluvial forest (*91E0) ? ?    
1 Conservation and improvement of alluvial meadows of river valleys (6440) and lowland and hay meadows (6510)   +    
1 Conservation of the primarily ‘Elbe Water Dropwort’ (Oenanthe conioides) with species specific dynamic, development of further habitats to improve the habitat network +      
1 Conservation and development of spawn and growth habitats for asp, ensuring the habitat potential for the twaite shad +      
1 Conservation and development of the transition functionality between the Middle Elbe and the Estuary downstream for migratory fish species of Annex II BHD +      

The measure ‘Wrauster Bogen’ was implemented before the BHD become effective. But nevertheless the measure has a positive influence on BHD conservation objectives of the freshwater zone.

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