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Measure Spadenlander Busch

Degree of synergistic effects and conflicts according NATURA 2000

Operational area (zone) Natura 2000 conservation objectives Effect of Measure on conservation objectives Description
    Positive No effect Negative  
2   Reestablishment of  natural sediment- and tidal-dynamics +      
2 Development of alluvial forests and species-rich aggregates of tidal reeds and tall herb communities +      
2 Development of a network of step-stone habitats for the ‘Elbe Water Dropwort’ (Oenanthe conioides) +      
2 Conservation and development of adequate rest-habitats for migratory fish and lamprey species along their route +      
2 Conservation of relevant functions for bird protection, esp. in the nature protected areas Westerweiden for roosting goose and Holzhafen for roosting ducks.   +    
2 Strengthening the NATURA 2000 network, particularly the construction of an ecological valuable bypass to avoid the Port of Hamburg. +      

Table 3: Effect of the measure concerning the main objectives of the operational area 2

The measure ’Spadenlander Busch‘ will have a high degree of synergistic effects concerning the management targets of the functional zone 2 (Integrated Management Plan of the Elbe estuary, IBP).

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